Friendship Day Celebration with Chole Bhature and Gajar Ka Halwa!

Friendship Day Celebration – It’s a beautiful sunny winter Sunday in our part of the world, a perfect day for a long drive or to meet with friends! But there are lots of tension going on in our adopted homeland. Victoria declared as state of disaster, Melbourne placed under stage four lockdown.

Running away from unpleasant things causes suffering, and facing a challenging situation will raise our life! If you are someone who is trying to stay at home as much as you can to protect yourself and the community, you are our friend! Thank you for your love and care!

I know, I know… a stable relationship doesn’t start on a particular day it builds over the times! But we need a day for celebration, isn’t it?

Today we did a video shoot for Mithi’s dance school, then did a special lunch party in our backyard to celebrate Friendship Day!

What’s on the menu for our Friendship Day Celebration?

Please #stayhome, #staysafe, take care of yourself and others!

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