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Bengali Pithe recipes

20 Bengali Pithe Puli Payesh recipes

by Shyamali Sinha

Makar Sankranti and Bengali Pithe Puli Payesh recipes

Tomorrow is Makar Sankranti, almost every Indian house going to filled with delicious food, rituals, decoration to celebrate India’s harvest festival. In different parts of India, this festival called in a different name, such as Maghi, Lohri, Magh Bihu. In West Bengal, this festival known as Poush Sankranti. In Bengal, this festival known as Poush Sankranti or Poush Parbon. I have so many favourite Bengali Pithe Payesh recipes to make. Though tomorrow I am not making any Pithe, I might make Gur Diye Chaler Payes celebrate the festival. The smell of Notun Gur (date jaggery), Natun Chal( newly harvested rice) and simmering milk! We all have sweet memories, stories related to this festival.

Here are 20 delicious Pithe, Payesh recipes with some delightful stories which you will find in the respective blog post. But before that, this Makar Sankranti, I pray for our Farmers. I hope the rising Sun of Makar Sankranti fills their life with food, education, peace and prosperity. While we are celebrating our rituals, traditions, we practice more eating local produce and sustainable eating habit.

20 Bengali Pithe – Payesh recipes you need to try

Gokul Pithe ( Image Courtesy – ahomemakersdiary.com )
Ranga Alur Dudh Puli ( Image Courtesy – pikturenama.com )
Chitoi Pithe ( Image Courtesy – playfulcooking.com )
Choshi Payesh
Misti Alur Pithe ( Image Courtesy – scratchingcanvas.com )
Soru Chakli ( Image Courtesy – kitchenofdebjani.com )
Sutuli Pitha ( Image Courtesy – experiencesofagastronomad.com )
Rosho Puli ( Image Courtesy – Bong eats )
Mugsamali ( Image Courtesy – peekncook.com )
Gurer Payesh
Ranga Alur Puli Pithe ( Image Courtesy – myfridayfoodswings.com )
Rosh Bora ( Image Courtesy – bongcookbook.com )
Dudh Chitoi Pithe ( Image Courtesy – cosmopolitancurrymania.com )
Image Courtesy – Simple and sizzling
Nonta Pithe ( Image Courtesy – pikturenama.com )
Keteli Pitha ( Image Courtesy – experiencesofagastronomad.com )
Mug Pakon Pithe ( Image Courtesy – ahomemakersdiary.com )
Narkeli Jam pitha ( Image Courtesy – kitchenofdebjani.com )

Hope you love this compilation of 20 Bengali Pithe and Payesh recipes. Let us know which one is your favourite pithe and if you try any of the recipes please tag the creator and #foodieshut

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